Friday, 22 February 2008

My Irish Luck!!

He wouldn’t look at me in the eye, but it wasn’t his fault. When the highest in the hierarchy falls, they fall hard. But he did have a fair idea of what he was depriving me off. The guilt in his eyes was evident, he felt like a sinner, my sinner. I wanted to tell him that I didn’t blame him for my misfortune, but somewhere in my heart I did. So I just kept a silent word. It hurt somewhere deep, I dint show it, but it did. I felt betrayed to the core by someone I never thought would ever let me down. The feeling cut through me like a sharp blade, I was bleeding but no one could see. To another it would appear silly, but to me it meant life. And when I thought that nothing could get worst, I was asked to leave!! That, my dear friend, broke me completely, inside and outside. Never before had I faced such offensive rejection after a hurtful event. What I experienced that day was utmost disappointment and dismay along with excruciating heartache and pain, to go by the side. My loved ones said I was over reacting, but it felt so wrong. Some said I needed rehabilitation, but I wasn’t an addict. I was but a lover - true, loyal and honest.
And every true coffee lover will know how it feels to hear,
'I am sorry, but the Irish flavor is not available.'

Sunday, 3 February 2008

I am thinking!!!

I am twenty thousand miles above,
and I am thinking if this is love!
Couldnt care less about
what she says & what he says;
coz what they say,
cant find its place!!!

And now I am twenty thousand miles above,
and I am thinking if I should ever come down?

But I am too happy to care,
too delighted, I swear!!
I am too selfish to share,
too much in love and despair!!!

I am twenty thousand league beneath,
and I am thinking, if this is deep?
A treasure found I dont deserve,
but like Turins of Shroud I preserve,
on a cliff with a fatal curve!!

But I am twenty thousand leagues beneath,
and I am thinking if I should come up to the surface??

Afraid I'll lose him to the crowd,
my precious of you I am so proud!!
Now sitting here I am crying out loud,
my Sun hidden behind a cloud.

And I've miles to go before I sleep,
but thats another promise I cannot keep!!!