Thursday, 24 September 2009

Déjà Vu

My insides feel hollow,
a feeling I live through.

Your mind, you have to follow,
But listen to your heart, will you?

It was real when it happened,
I know you felt it too.

Yet, you ripped it apart,
Isn’t that true?

When I walk outside,
I put on a smile,
pretend all is fine,
but I haven't got a clue.

Come pretend with me,
And don't be honest, would you?

This truth is hard to swallow,
and so are the tears too.

You may call it sorrow,
I call it Déjà Vu.

(edits provided by Plaridel)


Adelaide said...

Hey, I just wanted to say I like your layout and LOVE the end of your "About me" section. I'm a wannabe too, it's okay but I think deep down everyone is. The only thing that changes is what they wannabe.

Ruchi said...


Thank you for your comments... Glad you liked the blog!! :)

I agree that every one is a wannabe, and the sad truth is many of them don't even realise that or the extent of their wannabism...

To the wannabes world over,
Ruchi :)

heavealie said...

last two lines were i always say never try to rhyme for the sake of verse is better it will give you the freedom to actually portray your thoughts the way you wanted.this could have been a much better poem coz of the idea of deja vu was good!!keep writing!!

Ruchi said...


Thank you for feedback. I am glad you liked the poem.

I have in the past written free verse poems (Read: Devour)

Thank you once again...visit again!


Simply Poet said... have an awesome collection of poems do check out,a place where poets/writers interact,comment,critique and learn from each provides a larger audience to your blog!!

Ruchi said...

Thanx a tonne.. I am glad you liked my poems

I, surely will ch your site out!

Cya around!


plaridel said...

maybe it's just me, but

Your mind, you have to follow,
But listen to your heart, will you?

seems to make more sense to me as i read through the whole poem.

i'm not a poet, so you can treat this comment with a grain of salt. :)

Ruchi said...


Poems are open to different interpretation, so if changing a verse or even reversing it makes more sense to you, then thats the way it is!

When I wrote it (over 2 yrs ago!), my character was requesting for practicality from it's adversary, hence 'listen to your mind'!!

But, now come to think of it, you right, the other way round makes more sense!! :)

Cheers and thanx

plaridel said...

i was flattered that you would consider my little suggestion. it's a nice poem. it made me feel "as if my head were taken off" as emily dickinson would say.

Ruchi said...


Thank you!