Monday, 29 June 2009

The End.

If I may, I will say,
something been said before,
'There will come a day, a judgement day,
a day when I will be no more.'

Watch your step,
mind your words;
Your deepest thoughts,
they can be heard.

Lower your voice,
now kill your thoughts.
Try to hide,
but you will be caught.

To the strong, the might & the weak,
the verdict unfolds as we speak.

In an air of gloom,
the heir of doom.
A thunder will say,
'And all that be,
be ceased.'

The End

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

About Monkeys & Koalas

Alright, I know I promised I wouldn't write till after my exams, but this was too incitive to not respond to. Now, I'm sure everybody has heard about the highly publicised racial attacks on the Indians in Australia. My sympathies are with the victims and I truly regret they had to face the wrath of an evil the world is trying so hard to end, or is it really?

What I have witnessed the last few days initially seemed like another story, sensationalised by the media in the usual manners most conforming of them. Then came the divine bollywood intervention, the condemnations, then the protest rally in Melbourne, followed by pearls of wisdom by our local heroes (who btw, are rather popular for upholding their own forms of racial violence, if I may say so!). Then, today I read a blog piece, the other side of the story, a justification by an author who by the way, proudly claims to have never been to India or Australia and will refrain from, in future as well. He spoke beautifully about the growing iniquities of reverse racism and how the frustration of an unemployed Aussie would have vindicated his actions. Another article I read (shown to me by an Australian friend!!), mentioned how the acts were not any forms of organised violence, but a reality that has been on a rise for the last eighteen months (I very much agree!), thus the uproar was unnecessary and scandalous, not needing the over reactions it received by the 'sensitive' Indian masses (Again, I agree!).

My question is, why are you still writing about it? It was a gross violation of racism, I know, but is all the hype and glorification necessary. Is this the first time this has happened in the world? Every single day Indians and other commonly 'exploited' ethnics face not only aggressive racism but also relentless forms of subtle racism. And, I won't even begin about the reverse racism that has been ascending the last decade. Every piece I read seemed some sort of justification, sometimes apologetic but mostly provocative to the events and its followings. But the hollering truth is, it happens all the time and the victims are not just the four scattered cases of indignations towards a handful of Australian Indians, but extends further to encompass the whole Globe. For those who think that western nations like the US of A and United Kingdom are far removed from this kind of savagery (believe me, there are a few many who do think like that!), think again!

Even our golden bird of country, India is not far in the racism race. I personally think, and I know at least a few who echo my sentiments when I say that Indians are under a far greater threat from their own countrymen than Australians. We have our own backyard to clean before we can point towards the dirt of another nation. Have we already forgotten the TISS rape on the student of foreign national or the gang rape of the 19 year old by 11 boys in Noida? Aren't the 'whites' living in our country considered, almost always, as morally unethical and looked with an eye of suspicion, while it is our own culturally bred who are of the debauched kind, men and women alike.

Remember the Juhu molestation case of two NRI women on the new years eve of 2007? There was an assortment of people who believed that the women called the molesters onto themselves by their actions, primarily by partying into the wee hours of the night, something not synonym with the Indian culture. And those very same hypocrites are now asking for Australia to be banned from the IPL. Wasn't one of the victims out 'Partying' the night he got beaten up?

I am not trying to justify the attacks, I never would, but the needless drama around it is so... needless!! It is not going to do any good. It happened, it happens and it will happen again. Discussing it in every forum is giving the wrong people unnecessary political mileage. Even writing about how stupid it is, is unnecessary 'coz we already know how stupid the whole thing is.

I know; I just wrote about it myself... well, so sue me!! But, I know for a fact the next time I see racism in any form, I will intervene and not simply stand witness and collect meat for my next blog post or a coffee cup discussion.

So, if there is something productive you can do, do it otherwise move on and get over with it.